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Consumer engaging experience and retention is a very crucial part of any business. Customer Relationship Management, often called as CRM or CRM Software is a software business solution that enhances a company’s sales, marketing and engagement with their customers to help improve the efficiency of business processes as well as customer experience. CRM helps your company reduce costs and increase profit margins by managing and automating key business processes that revolve around customer relationships across all channels- marketing, sales and customer service.

Marketing automation, Sales force automation and customer service are key parts of a CRM solution that help deliver a high return on investment (ROI) for the company.

Microsoft Dynamic CRM’s Key Ingredients:

  • Flexible Architecture that results in easy customization so that organizations can mold the application as per their specific needs
  • Workflow automation with out of the box features for Marketing, Sales and Service Management
  • Intuitive and familiar user experience
  • Rapid deployment and less support cost
  • Predictive Analytics by leveraging key consumer data to identify crucial correlations and trends
  • Seamless integration with legacy systems and external data sources

Wall Street deploys IT solutions to enable Microsoft Dynamics CRM as per your version preference -on the premises, over the cloud or with a hybrid combination. Wall Street also support integration of CRM for handheld devices through mobile apps and platforms to manage consumer relationships on your mobile device.


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