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As the name identifies, the Field One is a field service managing solution for engendering work orders, scheduling these service requirements and endowing field personnel with assets that empower them to do their work with highest efficiency. The Field One enables the users (Companies) to deliver world class customer experiences by maximizing the customer satisfaction. At Wall Street, we have been delivering Field One consulting services efficiently through a decade. Before choosing the Field One for your company few things you must know-

Great for big companies with multifaceted requirements – This tool is ideal for a company with a huge field presence and wants the finest of what CRM offers tied flawlessly with a field services device.

Setting up and Work Orders – Out-of-the-box scheduling has remarkable features and applications for mapping the Work Order and harmonizing them to close by technician resources. In addition to effortlessly visualizing and sorting the resource plans.

Geo-coding/address confirmation – Automatic address validation effortlessly runs on the Contact and Account entities. This application can be turned off if desired, but is easy to use and very helpful for maintaining more precise and inclusive customer data.

Transferring a Case or Opportunity – Cases and Opportunities are effortlessly converted to a Work Order by just clicking a button repeatedly added to the case and opportunity ribbons.

Want to reorganize your business or make your company more organized and methodical? Then Field One is your best bet. Contact us today to manage the complex structure of your organization effortlessly by helping us implement this solution for your business.


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