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ADX is a data exchange profile. It is a multi-disciplinary design practice proficient of developing inventive designs for a number of typologies from solo buildings to bigger communities, while synthesizing and integrating the spatial, technical, aesthetic explorations of the studio by constraints and relative conditions of each project.

Advantages of ADX Development:

  • Adxstudio Portals converts Microsoft Dynamics CRM into a great web engagement platform, over and above it provides web portals and as well as application lifecycle management solutions.
  • Giving your clients access to your community portal enables them to resolve issues effectively and quickly.
  • Simultaneously, integrating portal interactions with CRM allows you to build up cost-saving business strategies, and enhance your understanding of your clients.

Why choose us:

  • At Wall Street, our Installations are undertaken by completely qualified and experienced Serversys Consultants, working closely with an allocated System Administrator from your organization (so you can gain an accurate understanding of the assignment status of your project).
  • Using our years of experience Serversys will propose a training program to ensemble all user groups within your organization. Training takes place on completion of achievement, so that we can make sure relevancy and acquaintance with training based upon your customized solution.
  • Following completion and training there are must be various technical inquiries that you will require answering. Our dedicated Serversys support team guarantees all of your technical needs are dealt with in a well-organized and suitable way. Our Service Level Agreements are firmly adhered to at all times.


We work as a single united team with market leading firms around the world and give our clients the highest quality advice possible.